About Us

Forbidden Gaming was initially opened in March 2014 as an EBay shop under the name of Oddz & Sodz to basically sell off all of my surplus Games Workshop bits & pieces and supply an income to be used to buy items I actually needed. However high costs and un-acceptable listing restrictions has forced me to seek an alternative solution, hence opening an e-shop.

Although i have sold & been around Games Workshop and wargaming products for around 20 years I've probably only played twice; this is probably due to the fact i prefer to convert and paint dioramas than actually playing  but this doesn't mean I'm not interested; on the contrary Sci-fi & fantasy have been a passion since i can remember and i hope to bring that passion to this site.

This business is still young and evolving and I ask that bear with me and be patient as it may take a while to add new brands and products and can only succeed with your support. If you do have any suggestions that you think may help; i.e.. prefer all items to be sold separately than please drop me a line.